Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Third time's charm

This is the third time I begin to port Seaside. First was 2.6, then 2.7 and now 2.8.
And this time I'm not doing it in my spare time at home, now I'm doing it here where I work, at InfOil, in an effort to "webify" our new platform which as always in our company is developed with Smalltalk. So now I'm suposed to be able to work on this during my working hours, and then cooldown at home.

By now I can say that this time Seaside is better factored, probably because of the GemStone port and because project maturity itself.

So far is going well, with only 7 failed test over 171.

Let's see if this time a dolphin can be sought near the Seaside.

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