Friday, November 09, 2007

Seaside 2.8a1-eam.528 preview version

For those waiting to test the latest version of Seaside on Dolphin, it can be downloaded from

The ZIP includes the packages (.pac) and the project editions exports for those using STS (recommended).

Install order using PAC files (.stp):
  1. IDB\IDB Duration.pac
  2. IDB\IDB DateAndTime.pac
  3. SPort\SPort Tests.pac (will load SPort.pac)
  4. Swazoo\Swazoo-Tests.pac (will load all Swazoo Pacs)
  5. Seaside\Seaside-Dolphin.pac
  6. Seaside\Seaside-Browser.pac
  7. Seaside\Seaside.pac
  8. Seaside\Seaside-Swazoo.pac
  9. Seaside\Scriptaculous.pac
Install order using STS project editions files
(first import all the project editions into the repository):
  1. Seaside Prereqs 0.002
  2. SPort 0.5
  3. Swazoo 1.1.4 R3
  4. Seaside 2.8a1-eam.528 c
Starting an example site:

In order to start an example site, open the '' in the Seaside folder, then point to any of the following:
It's not ready for production, because it still leaves dangling processes around until the handlers are cleared. I must fix it, so if nobody does it first, I'll will. However it can be used for development (we will), so I'll be releasing small fixes from now on. Feel free to add comments here, or send suggestions, bug reports, fixes or flames by email to eMaringolo at gmail dot com.


EDIT: Fixed the Scriptaculous link (thanks JSC)


At 5:21 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Esteban,
I can't download the 2.8 version. Server bounces me with a Forbidden, you don't have privliges message. :)

At 4:09 am, Blogger Esteban said...

Thanks Steve, I mailed Udo to solve this.


At 2:25 pm, Blogger Unknown said...

Super, Udo has fixed it up and I have it and am installing into my Doplhin!
Looking forward to checking it out.
Steve M


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