Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Seaside tides report

Well, this intends to be a report of how it's going on.

By now this is the status of the functionality available, which were
tested using the alltests application:

Things OK:

  • Input
  • Html
  • Exception
  • Transaction
  • Parent
  • Task
  • Cookies
  • Callbacks
  • Canvas
  • Home
  • Cache
  • Submit

Things that are half-working:

- Error, this trows the warning and the error, but I can't debug the
error. I get a "Cannot return a WAWalkback to expired context or
across Processes."

- Live - It live updates how it likes, and whatever it likes. It is,
it updates but refreshing the whole page. Or doesn't updates et all.
Michel Bany said that this behavior occured to him in VW, and in the
new SeasideAsync package it is solved, so once I get things done
with the rest, I'll move ahead with it.

- Upload, It's uploading, but I get a blind DNU that I will track
later. Last night I found that the HTTPPost didn't build the part's
properly, ommiting the filename in the PostDatum which may require it.

- Encoding, some characters are missing from the map, so it isn't
working just because of laziness.

- Path, It shows aWACounter, so I guess something isn't working

Things not ported yet:

  • Images
  • Default form

I'll have fun work porting the image/form stuff, I'll try to do it
using the available GDI+ functionality (if something already exists).


- Once the most important things begins to work, I'll refactor and
"repackage" all the seaside classes.

- Then prepare everything and build an exporter from Squeak, which
exports what I want, in Dolphin package format. And try to keep an
up to date version of the port.

- Start to "dolphinize" the Seaside port, it is, add a Seaside Flipper inspector, implement some command query stuff. And some other crazy things I have in my head.

I know forgot a lot of things, I'll try to post here daily, so I forget less.

Once again, forgive my english grammar, I'm far from being a english speaker/writer.


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