Friday, November 09, 2007

Elementary, my dear Watson

One more reason to keep using Windows XP (or leave Vista).

Some minutes ago I installed the recently released version in a notebook to keep working (or playing) during the weekend. After installation I accessed the examples, and to my own surprise, it runs much more fast! But not 2x or 3x, it's about one order of magnitude.

I thought it was because of the CPU being Intel (Thinkpad T60, Centrino Duo), because my computer at work is an Athlon64 X2 3600+, so I tested it in my home computer (Athlon64 X2 4000+), but it still was 10 times faster than my computer at work.

And guess what... both the Thinkpad and my home computer have XP Pro, whereas my workstation has Vista Business.



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