Friday, November 16, 2007

Taking it easy

I got the feeling that the latest post about the benchmarks caused some bad reactions. So just to feel less paranoid (I'm new on this thing of "blogging"), or just for the record I want to give some explanations about it:
  1. I consider myself Smalltalker, it is: I want that the entire Smalltalk community to grow healthy.
  2. I like Dolphin Smalltalk. In fact, I love Dolphin Smalltalk.
  3. By no means I want to bias the numbers towards point #2.
  4. It is, I'm not making any value judgement about the quality of any of the tested Smalltalk.
  5. Just ran the same test against the different Seaside implementations (I'll replay this test against GLASS and VW 7.6 too)
  6. The test has low value, because It doesn't represent a real usage, except if you have a plublic website running on Seaside, and get slashdotted.
Now I feel much better. Feeling that all are my friends again. Come with us, Smalltalks 2007 will be great.


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