Thursday, March 23, 2006

Object Arts will pay the development

It's confirmed, Avi Bryant will do the Dolphin port of Seaside.
According to his own words, he is "aiming to have an initial port done by May", so we have to wait until then, and see what "initial" means, and what will be the strategy choosen to continue its maintenance.

However, once again, thanks Object Arts for supporting and investing in the improvement of Dolphin Smalltalk , and thanks Avi Bryant / Smalltought for accepting the work.

We have to sit and wait. We can start a bonfire.


At 5:51 am, Blogger Andreas Brodbeck said...

Great! The best what could have happened.

We look forward to have seaside on dolphin, but are still aware, that there should be an active user- and developer-community.

At 3:45 pm, Blogger Malby said...

where was this information published? Just private e-mails, or did Avi post it somewhere?

At 4:17 am, Blogger Esteban said...

Private e-mail with Bryant, but he gave me his confirmation.

At 11:46 pm, Blogger Guenni said...

Is there an update on Avi Bryant doing the seaside port to Dolphin, any news?

At 6:11 pm, Blogger Esteban said...

No, no news. We're still waiting...


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